Products placed on the market are reported in a web-reporting portal

All producers that have a transfer agreement with SELT Association, ICT Producer cooperative or FLIP Association or have appointed Elker Ltd as their authorised representative in Finland report their products placed on the Finnish market in a web-reporting portal quarterly.

All foreign producers that have made an agreement on authorised representation with Elker Ltd report in the same portal.

In web-reporting all EE-products placed on the Finnish and Åland Islands markets are reported separately. From this information, the statistics concerning WEEE are put together on behalf of the producers by the producer organisations for the supervising authority (annual report).

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Reporting periods are:

  • 1 January - 31 March: reporting by 30 April
  • 1 April - 30 June: reporting by 31 July
  • 1 July - 30 September: reporting by 31 October
  • 1 October - 31 December: reporting by 31 January

Please note

Due to the strict deadlines for the producer organisations' annual financial statements, reporting for the period 1 Oct - 31 Dec is wished by 15 January.




  • 1. Elker is a reliable service provider with over 10 years of experience in the field.
  • 2. Elker is always up-to-date on the latest obligations set out in the EU's WEEE directive and the corresponding obligations of the Finnish legislation.
  • 3. Elker organises the recycling processes of electrical and electronic equipment efficiently.
  • 4. Elker's WEEE recycling processes are sustainable and safe.
  • 5. The WEEE collected is mainly recycled in Finland, according to strict safety regulations and processes.
  • 6. Elker is part of a European-wide joint venture network that enables the producers to settle the WEEE and battery & accumulator requirements and take care of the responsibilities also in Norway and Switzerland, in addition to most of the EU countries.