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Flip association

Flip takes care of collection, recycling, information, registration and other legal obligations on behalf of registered producers.

For light sources, producer responsibility includes all fluorescent, gas discharge and LED lamps (WEEE Class 5 lamps). Of the lamps, only incandescent, halogen and car lamps are excluded from producer responsibility.

Apply for membership

The association is joined by filling in a membership application (ie officially called the producer responsibility transfer agreement) and submitting it to the agent Asko Rötsä by e-mail. The contract is signed by a person with the right to sign. By signing, you agree to the rules of the producer organization.

A recycling fee 0,05 € / pcs is charged for lamps delivered to the Finnish market that are covered by the WEEE Directive. Possible price changes will be informed beforehand.

The association acts as a partner of the authorities and interest groups in accordance with its purpose and participates in advocacy work within the framework of EucoLight. EucoLight is a non-profit association representing European lamp manufacturers.

The founding members of the association are Aura Light Oy, GE Lighting Oy, Osram GmbH, Oy Philips Ab Valaistus and Sylvania Lumiance Oy.

Both Flip and Elker are non-profit. You can influence the activities and decisions of the producer organization by applying to the board of the association. The annual meeting of the association, which is open to all Flip member companies, will be held in the spring and an invitation to the meetings will be sent to the reporting contacts. The meeting of the association decides, for example, on the financial matters of the association and the election of the members of the board is held.

Composition of the Board of Directors 2022:

Jorma Koskiola (Puheenjohtaja), Airam Electric Oy Ab

Timo Niemi, Aura Light Oy

Samuli Rasinmäki, Ledvance Oy

Piia Hänninen, Signify Finland Oy

Tommi Erviö, Feilo Sylvania Finland Oy


Asko Rötsä

Tel: +358 400 101 448

Email: asko.rotsa (a)

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01530 Vantaa

Tel: 010 249 1700
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