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Free return of WEEE for consumers

For more information on how to dispose of and recycle your WEEE, visit our SER Recycling website. There are also trade collection instructions for shops.

Find the official collection point for B2C products here: and for B2B products here.

We recycle your devices, not your data!

Take care of your personal information even after using the device. The recycling of telephones, computers or even smart rings should be handled securely with SEIFFI (in Finnish). You will receive a certificate in your email once the device data has been destroyed and the device has been properly recycled.

A secure return point for a device that contains information can also be found at stores that sell new devices. Ask your dealer about the possibility of returning your device with memory to a locked bin.

Checklist for the restorer

Remove the dust bags from the vacuum cleaners.

Remove incandescent bulbs and fluorescents from the luminaries. Read more: lamp recycling

Remove the batteries from the devices and return them to the battery collection.

Return all appliances and lamps without packaging.

You do not need to remove the toner cartridges or cartridges from the printers.

Read more: Zombiakku! (in Finnish/Swedish)

Recycle batteries properly

A battery that is hidden in your box, dropped on the floor, or buried in mixed waste is a safety risk that you should take seriously. A disused lithium ion battery or lithium battery can be re-emerged as a “zombie battery” if damaged and even ignites.

To avoid the risk of zombie shots and to protect the environment, we recommend that you remove all batteries and chargers from the device as soon as it stops working or is no longer needed. For fire safety reasons, tape the battery terminals and take the batteries to a designated collection point or other collection point immediately.