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International E-Waste day 14th Oct 2023

This year, the day will focus on the so-called invisible electrical and electronic appliances that lurk in all our desks and drawers, abandoned. Such as remote controls and mobile phones. Globally, 61.3 million tonnes of electrical equipment are discarded every year. The 6000-9000 kilometre-long Great Wall of China weighs less!

The message is simple: you can recycle or reuse anything with a plug, battery or cable. Electrical and electronic equipment contains valuable materials that can be recovered through recycling and used as raw materials for new products. In turn, it pays to recycle a working appliance, as this is a real environmental act. A significant part of the environmental impact of the life cycle of an appliance is generated during its manufacture and transport.

It is also important that the data contained in equipment is destroyed in a controlled way. SEIFFI is a safe way to recycle memory-containing devices such as mobile phones and tablets. To celebrate E-Waste Day, you can try SEIFFI at half price.

Read more about International E-Waste Day on the WEEE Forum website.