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WEBINAR 16th February: Extended producer responsibility (EPR) in Finland

Are you selling one or more of these products to Finland directly through your website?
•    electric and electronic appliances
•    accumulators and batteries
•    tyres
•    beverage packaging
•    vehicles
•    paper
•    anything packaged?

According to the Finnish Waste Act, distance sellers have an obligation to arrange waste management for the products they place on the Finnish market. This is called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). EPR is an important part of business compliance. At the same time, you are promoting sustainable use of materials and circular economy!

Webinar is organized by Pirkanmaa ELY-centre, the supervicing authority in Finland.


–    Overview of Extended Producer Responsibility in Finland (EPR authority, Pirkanmaa ELY-centre)
–    How to take care of EPR in Finland (EPR authority, Pirkanmaa ELY-centre)
–    The roles and duties of Producer Organisations in Finland (TYNK, Cooperation group of Finnish EPR schemes)
–    Answering questions from participants

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