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FAQ /Annual reporting

What information do I have to give in annual report?

In annual report, you declare the previous year´s amount of electrical and electronic equipment sold straight to the end user to another EU country. You also announce your authorized representative in the destination country.

Equipment put on Finnish market is reported in Elker´s web portal four times a year and it´s different from the annual reporting.

How do I know if I have to fill out the annual report?

All members, who get the request, must declare.

When is the time for annual reporting?

The producer compliance organization sends the request usually in february and the dead line is in the end of march.

From where do I get the formula for annual reporting?

Your company´s reporting contact person will receive an e-mail and a link from Elker´s member support.

Must we submit the yearly follow-up information of WEEE to the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Pirkanmaa as well as to the producer organisation?

As a member of the producer organisation you only need to report to the producer organisation. The producer organisation submits the WEEE follow-up information on behalf of its members to the authorities based on the report data received from the producer members.