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Where can I return used electrical and electronic equipment?

Where can we return business electrical and electronic waste?

Does a shop selling electrical and electronic equipment have to accept SE scrap?

I am a merchant who has joined the trade collection. Where can I find the ID number I need for my order?

Where can I order collection items?

Old SE devices in your home can be returned free of charge to a collection point for consumer products. You can conveniently find the nearest national SER collection point on these pages: :

The consumer can also return the electrical and electronic equipment to the store when purchasing a new similar device at the same time. Sometimes there is not even an obligation to buy a new device. For more information, see the SER recycling website at:

No recycling fees have been charged for equipment classified as business-to-business (B2B) at the time the equipment is placed on the market, so the recycling facility will charge a recycling fee when the equipment is returned for recycling. When a company wants to return a B2B device for recycling, that company should first contact the company that manufactured the equipment, indicating the collection point for the company’s products to which the device can be returned. You can find the information and reception points of Elker’s partners here.

The store must accept products on a 1: 1 basis when purchasing a new similar device. Smaller devices shorter than 25 cm may be returned without the obligation to purchase a new device to any specialist retailer selling SE devices with a sales area of ​​at least 200 m2 and at least 1000 m2.

You have received an ID number during registration by e-mail. If you cannot find the ID number, contact Elker. You can find our contact information here. Instructions for the transaction related to trade collection can be found on the SER-kierrätys webpage.

You can order collection equipment from the online store or pack the equipment in your own collection equipment. Collection equipment will not be returned to the store. Instructions for placing a transport order can be found on the SER-kierrätys webpage.